The current composition of the Management of the company consists of the right combination of expertise in the similar industry and qualification in areas like finance and administration. All the Directors involve themselves efficiently in day to day company affairs and very sincerely work towards development of the company.

Our management team consists of experienced persons in the cosmetics field as well as energetic, enthusiastic, young persons. This gives a perfect combination of prompt action balanced with experience. The core group consists of most experienced skill personnel in all fields.

Board of Directors of the Company:

Mr. Vijay kishanlal Kedia (Chairman)
Mr. Prince Tulsian (Managing director)
Mr. Nadir Dhroliya
Mr. Mayank Jhunjhunwala
Mr. Rajendra Singh Singhvi
Ms. Jyoti Budhia

Mr. Sunil Purohit (Chief Financial Officer)
Ms. Neha Mankame (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)