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Skin care must be an essential part of your beauty regime and you should be very sincere about your skin care routine and follow some certain rules. However you should know all the skin care procedures properly. For some special treatments you should go to a reputed beauty salon and have a facial and skin treatment. Moreover only superficial treatments can't make a skin glowing you also have to maintain a strict dietary routine. Living a stress free life is also important to have a healthy skin. Thus a little bit exercise or workout helps you decrease many problems regarding skin and health.

Face care
Women always aspire for a spotless beautiful face and go on applying various products in order to make them beautiful; however remember lots of face care products are available in the market and not every item is standard. Before selecting an item, go for a short market survey through internet go for the reputed brands. Also you must know your skin type because different products are made for different skin types. Also try some homemade masks for your face. They can be easily prepared though equally effective. Some effective home masks are as follows:

Oily skin care
An oily skin is pimple prone and thus needs some extra treatment. If you have an oily skin then you can prepare this homemade mask. Take the white portion of an egg and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mashed two strawberries and mix the paste with this solution. Now apply it to your face and leave until the paste dries. Now wash the face with lukewarm water. Do it once a week for better result. Persons having oily skin must avoid fried foods. They should also use mild body wash.

Dry skin care:
Persons having dry skin must be benefited with this home made mask. Make a smooth paste with milk cream and multani matti and apply it on your face. Leave it until it dries and wash with fresh cold water. People with dry skin should use cream soap. Furthermore, they must include lots of dairy products in their meals.

Men skin care
A man with a good physic always attracts. However a shining and glowing skin adds an extra charm to a man's look. To get a problem free skin every man should follow a certain skin care routine. Take bath twice a day with a mild body wash and after that apply an herbal moisturizing lotion to your whole body. Persons having oily skin can use toner instead of a moisturizer. Regular shaving is also required. Choose shaving kit from a reputed brand. Long beard must be well maintained.

Tips for all types of complexion and skin
  »  Avoid junk foods and try to eat green vegetables and fruits in plenty.
  »  Apply a sunscreen or sun block lotion before going out.
  »  Remove your make up with a cleanser after returning home.
  »  Drink lots of fluids including fruits juices and water.
  »  Go for natural remedies.

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