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Lykis Limited was incorporated on 15th October 1984.The company had come out with its IPO in the year 1995 of an Equity issue of 35,60,000 shares. The Company's shares are currently listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Since its inception, the Company is engaged in the business of tea plantation and processing in its Tea garden, Iringmara Tea Estate, situated at Silchar, Assam.

The Company was formed with the object of managing Tea plantation, manufacture of quality tea and sale and export of the tea in both domestic and overseas markets. The Company has an ongoing development programme for its garden, which is expected to result in increase in output. The Tea is sold through auctions and in addition, it is also directly marketed through private and direct sales in bulk tea bags.

State of Assam is one of the largest tea producing regions of the world and is known for growing the original Indian CTC Tea. Assam Tea Gardens feature impeccably pruned tea bushes covering more than 2,00,000 hectares that produce more than 400 million kgs of tea annually. The tea of Assam has a strong pungent taste that makes it famous all over the world.

The tea processing factory of the Company has the capacity to manufacture 10 Lakh Kilo grammes of cured tea presuming that 250 days of man-hours are put into work in a year. The Company has recently expanded its factory and installed whole new line of machineries. Availability of additional space ensures that there are no obstacles to the smooth implementation of the various strategies and plans for the growth of the Company.

The most important asset of the Company, Lykis Limited has about 250 strong workforce employed permanently at its garden Iringmara Tea Estate besides 50 other staff members employed in the garden. The Company also employs workers temporarily on the basis of the need for such additional people.

The Company has now diversified its business and has launched multiple products under various brands and has started marketing these products from its Mumbai branch. It also plans to export its FMCG products in the near future.

Lykis is a reputed, trusted and valued natural products' brand. Formulated in India, it has the distinction of being one of the most sought after brands in many Indian and African markets.

The Company owns a tea garden of 952 Hectares named ‘Iringmara Tea Estate' at Cachar, Assam. About 400 Hectares of the same area is presently, under tea cultivation. Iringmara Tea Estate is located at National Highway and is just 30 Km from Silchar town which in turn gives easy accessibility to the markets.

» It has been more than two decades since the establishment of the Company and its entry into the Tea plantation    business.
» The Tea Garden is spread over 2150 acres area of freehold land.
» The Tea Gardens of the Company are located strategically amidst the best of such estates in Assam.
» The company has in place various channels for the sale of its tea both in the local market in Assam and outside the    state of Assam. The Company also sells its tea to the Major Export Houses in the Country.

Lykis has reached across the globe, and exporting products to many Countries.