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You must be aspiring for a sound health and a good skin and thus go for various body care treatments. Previously only women used to be more conscious than men but now situation has completely  changed. Lately everybody both men and women are very much conscious about their health and body and regularly go to the fitness centers and beauty salons.

To make your body fit and skin healthy you have to make certain changes in your life style. A healthy and balanced diet helps reduce many health and skin problems. Also a regular skin care should be done properly in order to keep them glowing and problem free. A lots of body care products are available in the market but only some of the brands maintain their quality. Thus before choosing any brand, you must go for a little bit study and research. For overall fitness physical exercises on a regular basis is essential. Yoga also helps to decrease many problems.

Skin care
A glowing and healthy skin always makes you charming and attractive. To have a healthy and glowing skin you must follow certain health care rules, such as washing hands and face with a mild or herbal soap, applying moisturizer after washing them etc. Also you should go to a salon for a regular facial treatment. Nails should also be taken care properly and manicure as well as pedicure must be done once a month. You can also go for some homemade masks which you can easily prepare with your kitchen ingredients. Some are as follows:

Take one tablespoon lime juice, one tablespoon curd and a pinch of turmeric powder. Make a paste and apply it on your face. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. Do it at least three days a week and you will have a magical charm in your face within a month.

Squeeze out juice from a cucumber with the help of a mixer and mix it with one teaspoon honey and apply on the face. Leave it for five minutes and wash it with regular water. You can do it regularly to get an early result.

Beauty tips for healthy body and skin
» Try to avoid fast food and eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. You can also go for steamed food. Also eat some    dairyproducts including yogurt and paneer.
» Always apply a sunscreen lotion or sun block cream before going out.
» You must go for a workout or yoga on a regular basis. It will keep you fit and fine.

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